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Who Cares

People dying, people living,
People in need, people not giving.
Helping out, giving a hand,
Most people have their head stuck deep in the stand.

Wars are killing,
Whilst people are milling.
Lack of water, lack of food,
No-one cares, that’s not good.

Living in the fast lane, people don’t care,
Searching for food, but no cupboards are bare.
People sleeping in the cold,
We give and excuse ‘‘ well we were never told ’’.

This selfish world is cruel indeed,
Full of corruption and personal greed.
I’m all right jack, that’s all I need,
I'll look after me and my future seed.

People dying, tired of living,
Now is the time for helping and forgiving.
Kick the wolves out of their layers,
But is there anyone out there, who really cares.





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