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Happy birthday on your birthday bash,
It’s not a day to smoke any hash.
We want your mind to be crystal clear,
When your sitting down gulping down the beer.

Getting sloshed out of your mind,
Look around; god knows what you’ll find.
Not that I’m saying that you get drunk,
Then go searching for a handsome hunk.

No, I would never say anything like that,
Because I know where you keep that baseball bat,
I’d like to live another day,
So I’ll say it this way.

Happy birthday to you on this special day,
Your family may be a long way away.
But your friends have turned up to wish you well,
Drink and be merry till the midnight bell.

Once again Rebecca dear
You’re in with friends there is no need to fear.
Just wipe away that silly tear,
Because it’s running into your glass of beer.





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