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Who is Mohammed Farooq?

My name is Mohammed Farooq. I am 63 years old and am the Laird of Lochaber. I am married with 4 Children and 7 grand children.

I have been writing poetry for about 30 years now; it started of as something to do - later developing into a passion.

The thought of writing anything used to bring joy to me during my high school years, when asked to write one or two pages on a particular topic or essay it turned in to a 5/6 page saga.
I found that once I had started to write the words would flow and the pen developed a will of its own and it would cut through the lines with ease.

The joy of writing now does send a slight shudder, a sort of tingle. May be down to excitement, nerves, and fascination the thought of one day having my thoughts, my words in print for all to see. To be recognized as an “author."





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