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Close Shave

Before it did end,
I had a friend,
Or so I thought.
She lived in a town called Aldershot.

She wrote a letter big and strong,
Inviting me for a ding-dong.
I caught a train for her hometown,
I got off the bus and stepped in to something brown.

I gave a big agonising yell,
I looked down, boy what a smell.
I scraped my foot apon the kerb,
I did a jig; a doctor gave me an herb.

I reached her house looking down,
So not to stand into anything brown.
I rang the bell the door did open,
There she stood with milk token.

She gave a stare,
Her body was bare.
Oh; My god Mo, she did yell,
After that she gave me hell.
Was the milkman late or was it fate.
That I did find,
My friend was that way inclined.





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