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Rusty Bear

There was a guy nicknamed “Rusty Bear,”
He shuffles about without due care.
Snarling, and clawing as he moves about,
Aping, the actions of a lager lout.

I kid you not when I say he is fighting fit,
One snarl from him will fill a thong full of shit.
He’s not really a violent bear,
As long as you stay clear of his protected lair.

Rusty Bear is a clever chap,
On all fours he does the rap.
He’s really a cuddly and loveable bear,
Bushy beard and rusty hair.

You’ll hear him snarl down the phone,
“I said change that thing from pulse to tone”.
Don’t do that again, don’t make me mad,
No sat signal, well that’s too bad.

“Rusty Bear, Rusty Bear, rummaging through the glen,
Rusty Bear, Rusty Bear, chasing the big fat hen.
Oh Rusty Bear, Oh Rusty Bear,
Rusty Bear, Rusty Bear,”
(Sing this to Robin Hood music)





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